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This program started with our regular customers who had a list of projects to be completed. We found that by working on multiple projects on the same trip, our customers saved money. “Done in a Day” allows you to plan for regular maintenance or work on a set budget. Options include a half-day, full-day or multiple days. You provide a list of projects; we will complete as many as possible — efficiently and professionally — in the time purchased.


We provide a full range of remodeling services, from finishing a basement, to upgrading your bathroom, to a complete kitchen remodel.


It all starts with your goals and ideas. We ask questions to understand what you are trying to accomplish or issues that your are having. We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your project and provide recommendations of what is possible, and what will best meet your needs. Whether it’s helping you make improvements for resale, or to build the master bath of your dreams, we can help with both the design and the construction.


We provide regular services to many businesses, including:
Better Service to your Customers
Sometimes the work your company performs creates the need for repairs that are not part of your services. Whether it is to repair drywall or tile, or painting, many HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors refer their customers to Louisville Handyman to provide better customer service.
We work with many businesses in reconfiguring office spaces. Whether its moving walls, building conference rooms, or adding an office, we are experts.
Regular maintenance and repairs
While keeping your facility maintained is important to every business, for some having a well-maintained office or facility is vital. We provide regular maintenance to a number of doctor’s offices, salons, and corporations.
Damage Claims
If your business has technicians working in someone’s home, sooner or later there will be accidental damage. We are specialists in getting those repairs done quickly, which keeps your customers satisfied.


Does your gift list include someone who seems to have everything, or perhaps someone just starting out in a new home? Give a gift they can really use. With a Louisville Handyman gift certificate, you can be assured the recipient will benefit from high quality work performed by one of our professional craftsman. Whether its basic maintenace or a special project, a gift certificate lets them choose what they really want. Certificates are available from 1 hour to multiple days.

Whether you have a one-hour small project or larger maintenance need, we can meet your need. From drywall repairs to painting to seasonal maintenance, you can count on us to get it done right the first time and on time.