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TOP 10 SPRING HOME MAINTENACE TIPS — Walk around your house and check for:

  1. Missing caulking.

  2. Flaking paint.

  3. Holes from rodents, birds or insects.

  4. Rotted wood around doors and windows.

  5. Clean gutters with all seams sealed.

  6. Downspouts and diverters are attached.

  7. All flowerbeds and topsoil slope away from house.

  8. Soil and mulch are not covering siding and brick weep holes.

  9. Irrigation system turned on and tested.

A little maintenance and care will go a long way in saving you money and protecting your home



  1. Be aware of the condition of your home and take action!

  2. Check caulking around bathtub, shower, sinks and front of tub.

  3. Check the condition of paint, caulking and weather stripping on your home.

  4. Clean the gutters, check downspouts and landscape drains.

  5. Check the attic for evidence of leaks or condensation and to make sure vents are unobstructed.

  6. Check for damaged roofing and flashing materials.

  7. Rebuild any toilets over 5 years old before gaskets/parts fail.

  8. Shutoff & drain outdoor faucets & remove hoses.

  9. Clean / replace furnace, humidifiers & electronic air cleaners filters.

  10. Change batteries, test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors & check fire extinguishers.